After an industrious six-month sojourn in the US, Viktor Nastrasil and Robert Vardanyan of MyQ Print Management Software have returned to their home base in Prague. The duo sat down with Andy Slawetsky of the “What’s Happenin'” podcast to unveil some significant industry news that promises to change the landscape of print management.

Marking a major milestone, MyQ is now Canon MEAP Certified in the US. This certification, a mark of distinction in the realm of advanced printing solutions, ensures that Canon hardware will now be fully compatible with MyQ’s software.

This partnership, while fresh in the USA, isn’t entirely new. Canon and MyQ have previously joined forces in European markets, enjoying a synergistic working relationship that’s now ready to expand its horizons.

For businesses, this signals a fresh wave of possibilities. The marriage of Canon’s robust hardware with MyQ’s versatile software means enhanced efficiency, scalability, and the promise of delivering cutting-edge print solutions tailored for the modern enterprise.

For those keen to delve deeper into this groundbreaking alliance, the video interview with Viktor and Robert on offers an insightful look into what the future holds.

This partnership underscores a broader industry trend — the relentless push towards integration and adaptability. With giants like Canon and MyQ leading the charge, the promise of a more connected and efficient print management ecosystem is closer than ever.

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