Pros Elite Now Offering PIVOT Business Analytics ROI With Free Consulting!!

Wesley Chapel Florida – Pros Elite Group, the execution specialists for maximizing service operational efficiencies, achieving sales performance growth & utilizing financial benchmarks to drive profitability, will provide a significant ROI to its clients utilizing the PIVOT analytics software.

Jerry Newberry, founder and President of PROS ELITE GROUP states “The Industry continues to look to us to share our vast experience of helping hundreds of Independent dealers drive higher Service profitability, Sales growth and operational performance. The PIVOT tool automated our benchmark achievement process, making it far easier to hit the benchmark criteria. However, we are going to ensure our clients get the payback from their PIVOT investment.”

In 2019, after 5 years of extensive development, the PROS ELITE GROUP launched the new PIVOT Business Analytics software “Performance Improvement Virtual Operations Tool”. This capability has now been deployed in over 100 locations throughout North America. This is the only capability of its kind completely aligned with the “Industry Model” which has evolved and been updated as of 2020.

This offer is another phenomenal benefit offered to PIVOT clients who sign up before the end of the year. The Pros Elite Executive team will review, with the client, all opportunity areas identified within PIVOT. Once we receive the client’s agreement on the opportunities to focus on, we will provide, at no charge, consulting services to ensure the PIVOT investment is paid for in hard dollar, bottom line profit contribution. To accomplish the aggressive goal, the Pros Elite Group will offer 90 days of free monthly reviews with actionable steps to address all revenue or Gross Profit opportunities. This will ensure that the client sees and feels the power of PIVOT’ S ROI in record time. No one, other than the Pros Elite Group, can support a commitment like our PIVOT power agreement.

We are committed to providing a huge ROI to any client engagement. However, we want every dealer who invests in the power of PIVOT to experience our radical commitment to their successful PIVOT engagement. Our experience of working with hundreds of clients has allowed us to accumulate best practices, processes and procedures for any issue that exists within an organization! This will be shared upon request under this new 90-day consulting offering.

80% of dealers in the US utilize this financial and operational model to run their business and this process-based BI automates many of the current processes performed manually using Advanced analytics to target opportunities!

Let the proven record of the Pros Elite Group team assist you in coming out of the pandemic stronger and more profitable than ever before.

To request a no obligation demo of the PIVOT platform, please visit and click on the red “Register Now” icon to see the power of the PIVOT Analytics Platform.

To receive further information on all the PROS current and future offerings or contact us directly at 1- 813-713-3592 Jerry Newberry

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