Together, etherFAX and AIROS are Enabling Hospitals to Automate Workflows Through Data Extraction and Secure Document Exchange Solutions

Holmdel, New Jersey (September 12, 2023) – etherFAX today announced its partnership with AIROS, a provider of end-to-end healthcare IT solutions. Together, AIROS and etherFAX are enabling healthcare organizations to digitize workflows and improve data quality through automated data extraction solutions.

etherFAX provides the off-ramp from and the on-ramp to interoperability with its WEAVE™ solution suite. Powerful cloud-based data extraction transforms unstructured documents, such as PDFs, faxes, and paper-based forms, into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into applications, therefore reducing manual data entry and improving data quality. With WEAVE™ Direct, faxes are converted into Direct Secure Messages that can be seamlessly ingested and integrated into EHRs and workflows, allowing tasks such as indexing patient records, scheduling, and referrals to be automated.

“AIROS is proud to deploy etherFAX’s innovative solutions and enable our customers to automatically extract business-critical data and route documents to the right team,” said Joseph Avellino, COO at AIROS. “Nearly 30,000 healthcare professionals across 400 organizations are now benefiting from holistic data environments, improved data quality, and data lineage.”

“Intelligent Document Capture lies at the core of etherFAX’s capabilities,” said Paul Banco, CEO and co-founder of etherFAX. “We’re proud to partner with AIROS and provide healthcare organizations with AI-powered data extraction technology to solve data challenges and improve patient outcomes.”

“With an extensive roadmap, automated data extraction technology, secure document exchange solutions, and easy access to the user portal, the value of etherFAX goes well beyond faxing,” added Avellino. “The partnership has differentiated AIROS and increased its valuation in the marketplace.”

AIROS’ customers also utilize the etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) to securely exchange unstructured and structured data. As a patented Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution, etherFAX SEN leverages hybrid-cloud technology to provide 100% secure communications and data protection.

Supporting every major fax server, application, and fax-enabled device, etherFAX has more connected endpoints providing end-to-end encryption than any other service. As a cloud-based solution, etherFAX does not require a fax server or additional software.