Verrex Leverages SurgeX in Corporate Offices, Installs to Support Customers from Consult to Install

Bridging AV and IT technology infrastructure, devices, and software, industry leader Verrex leverages the best technology to foster innovation, engagement, and collaboration in the modern workplace. When it comes to protecting their own office and their clients’ installs, SurgeX makes the “must-have” list.

The Challenge

Verrex is trusted for supporting the IT and AV needs of a massive range of projects, from unified communications integrations for small business offices to complete meeting room overhauls for large enterprises. With a long tenure of providing foundational technologies for day-to-day office operations, both the customer-facing and internal teams at Verrex know that the right power distribution and protection make or break the firm’s projects and reputation.

Last year, Verrex sought to upgrade its corporate meeting room and design the space to uniquely double as both an agile collaboration room and a lunch-and-learn room for hosted clients and potential customers to see installation options in action. However, with the room initially protected by aging UPS battery backup units, Ben Dandola-Grubb on Verrex’s multipurpose room team recognized the integrity of the room was susceptible to the same array of risks that the company assessed and treated for with customers regularly: routine battery failure, failed management units, and little management capabilities left the entire system vulnerable to the spikes, sags, surges, and other power anomalies most found in enterprise spaces.

It wasn’t just a one-room consideration for the Verrex headquarters—the office is also the hub of customer management. A proper power foundation at the home base is essential to ensure Verrex’s operations for the thousands of customers relying on its remote management offering for installations. Shawn Rabenstein, who manages Verrex’s IT services teams, explains: “Power distribution is one of the most critical aspects of supporting our customers, and if our office experiences equipment lockups, errors, and downtime, so does theirs. A reliable product is critical to our operations and our customers trust that we have that in place.”

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