For years we have been hearing that print is dead. Digital technology has certainly cornered the market in the past 15+ years. Medical offices started transferring paper records to digital and many schools stopped using hardback textbooks in favor of digital textbooks.  Newspapers, magazines and books have gone digital. A lot of companies have decided to make the switch from print advertising to web advertising. It is obvious that print is no longer the only game in town. But is print really dead? Not so fast.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, a lot of industries switched solely to digital, however over time consumers started to feel overwhelmed by their number of devices and subscriptions. Digital fatigue has begun to set in, with one in five people needing “digital detox” and 70 percent of people admitting they are reducing their consumption of digital media. Print gives that break from staring at the glare of a screen. It’s easier to read large amounts of text in a printed magazine or book than its online equivalent.

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SOURCE Sharp Electronics Corporation

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