Printing Without Print Drivers

OEM Secure Print through the Cloud

MFP manufacturers have their version of Secure Print and netZcore PRINT can identify and handle the secure print for most of the OEMs.Drop your print job off in the Cloud, then go to the MFP and enter your username/password to print off the job.

Great for self serve, pay for use printing, copying and other services available at the MFP, payment made easy with our line of PayStations.

There is a requirement for the Delivery Agent (DA) to be located on a device at the customers’ site.

Cloud Printing through On-Premise Print Management

netZcore PRINT (NTX) on premise will go get the job from the Cloud and deliver it to the Release station for printing.

The on-premise will be central and manage all printing on that site whether from workstations, computer labs, library PCs, etc on the institution’s print server. One solution for all your printing needs, from the cloud to your print server on down to the MFP or Printer.

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ITC Systems Presents Simplified Pay for Print & Copy