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It is interesting that when a customer asks you, as the representative of a printer and/or MFD Reseller, ‘do you supply managed print and copy in self-serve pay for print world?’ as the sales rep your immediate response is to answer yes, of course. Now the heavy lifting occurs as the devil is in the details. ITC Systems makes it simple with pre-ordained packages that are easy to sell and easy for the end client to understand. There are 3 or 4 main industry verticals that deploy pay for print and copy: Higher Ed, Public Libraries, County level Government Offices (courthouse, registry of deeds, etc.) and Retail (includes stores and business centers).

Typically, they all want the following features: the ability to print through the Cloud to a printer/MFD on premise, be able to print from workstations on premise, the ability to pay for the services including copying using a variety of methods (cash, credit/debit/mobile, campus one card, etc.). Invariably most locations would like to have one paystation that can handle all of the payments, perform print release, charge for copies, even connect with back end DBs to charge for other fees and add value to accounts.

The packages that ITC Systems can put together for you contain all of these features, they are easy to understand, easy to sell and functional for the clients and their end users. The features are tremendous and most of the attributes these vertical markets are looking for in a pay for print and copy solution are embodied in the packages offered.

Take a look at this video for an overview then dive into the website for all of the details on offerings!

Being the developer of the complete print management solution means that you are getting the right stuff from the source. Contact us and we can provide extensive webinars for your sales and technical staff to learn more about the complete pay for print solution.

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About ITC Systems

ITC Systems, a multi-national corporation with offices in St Louis and Toronto, is the industry’s dominant manufacturer of self-serve unattended cashless payment terminals and print software in North America. Founded in 1989, the company maintains a large dealer network throughout North

America and internationally. ITC Systems markets to copy/print OEMs and VARs with a focus on solutions for higher education, public libraries, government offices and other verticals that charge for the use of products and services in self-serve and unattended cashless environments. Applications include MFD, copy and print control plus other UPOS offerings such as vending, laundry, parking and other like applications. To learn more about ITC Systems, please visit


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