From its humble beginnings on Nimbus Drive in Beaverton, Oregon, Pacific Office Automation (POA), once known as Pacific Photocopy Inc., has journeyed through 47 remarkable years. Today, it boasts an impressive 40 branches across 11 states, standing tall as the nation’s leading independent office equipment dealer.

Going back 31 years, while the sporting world watched with bated breath as Clyde Drexler and the Portland Trail Blazers squared off against Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls in the NBA Finals, another partnership was blooming. POA, in its second year, was proudly backing the Blazers as an official team partner.

Digging into the archives, one can trace POA’s unwavering commitment to sports and community. A notable chapter from the early days includes the company’s founder, Terry Newsom, coaching youth football at Sunset High School. Fast forward to the present, and the list of POA’s sports affiliations reads like a who’s who: from local outfits like the Portland Timbers to national icons like the L.A. Rams.

One of the latest feathers in POA’s cap was the hosting of the Pacific Office Automation 147 at Portland’s International Raceway. Such events, insiders say, are a testament to POA’s dedication to creating networking platforms for its clients.

As this titan of office automation forges ahead, entering new markets and exploring fresh opportunities, one underlying principle remains unchanged: the art of relationship-building. Drawing insights from industry insiders, it’s evident that whether they’re operating in bustling hubs like Austin or quieter locales like Idaho Falls, POA continues to tap into the magic of local sports teams to strengthen its community bonds.

Reflecting on the past 47 years, while the business landscape has undeniably evolved, Pacific Office Automation’s ethos of community engagement and genuine partnership has remained its true north. With such a legacy, the future looks promising for many more years of innovation and community collaboration.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.