Platinum Copier Solutions Achieves Pros Elite 100 Status

Platinum Copier Solutions, a Houston based Sharp Electronics Dealer, has achieved the most sought-after status an Independent Office Imaging dealer can achieve; Pros Elite 100 Status. Pros Elite Status is granted exclusively in a market based on a Dealers ability to overachieve industry benchmark level of service objectives. Today, there are 63 Dealers in the United States and Canada who occupy 89 of the Major markets in North America.

Kimberly Gonzalez, the owner of Platinum, started in the copier and office equipment industry at only 19 years of age. Since that time, she has developed a knowledge and expertise in the document systems field that has led to Platinum’s selection to Pros Elite 100 status.

“We were initially intrigued with the possibility of awarding Platinum this status based on Kimberly’s dynamic leadership style, her tenured professional Sales, Service and Administrative organizations and her courageous commitment to being a master of one product line” said Steve Rolla, Senior Partner of the Pros Elite Group.

Our audit process, a mandatory tenant of selection, proved our suspicions of Platinum’s expertise to be correct.  Today, like most Pros Elite 100 organizations, Platinum utilizes the PIVOT business analytics tool to ensure their Elite 100 status is validated and their outstanding growth continues.

All of Platinum’s technicians are full line trained and go through a rigorous set of classes and training to reach the platinum level. While many companies focus on different brands, Platinum Copier Solutions is only a Sharp distributor. This commitment to a thoroughly trained, specialized service force has led to their dynamic customer base growth and ultimately to their Pros Elite 100 selection.

“We have controlled our selection process to ensure that only the finest dealers are part of the Elite 100 continued Rolla.  As part of our relationship, we actually sell for our Elite 100 dealer members through our virtual sales call, ultimate reference and Bid specification control. We have been involved in winning over $400 million in equipment sales through our joint sales efforts with these extraordinary dealers. We look forward to selling the excellence that is now our newest Pros Elite 100 member, Platinum Copier Solutions.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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