As digitalization progresses at an ever-increasing pace, the importance of efficient and accessible file and document management becomes more pronounced. Enter PSIsafe, a software solution crafted to meet the specific needs of Small/Medium Businesses (SMBs), offering a secure, adaptive and feature-rich environment for document management. Unlike default file browsers, PSIsafe is designed to be accessible from anywhere, index specific document information for quick reference, have a workflow system mirroring your current document processes, and to include built-in e-signature capabilities using DocuSign, the world’s most popular e-sign platform.

A standout feature of PSIsafe is the Document Indexing, a method of attaching essential information to the file itself as metadata, making the search for a particular document or a range of documents a matter of seconds. This user-friendly software solution takes away the hassle of traditional file name schemes and puts the focus on the content of the document itself. What’s more, PSIsafe goes beyond document management by integrating true business automation, mobile document management, eSignatures, and even third-party system integrations. Whether you’re on-premise or in the cloud, PSIsafe promises a seamless and secure document management experience.

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