In a major development, NT-ware has rolled out a substantial update to its cloud print and scan solution, uniFLOW Online, with the launch of version 2023.2. The new iteration introduces central identity management and enhanced data storage security features, marking significant strides in streamlining user management and improving the robustness of data protection.

The update introduces support for SCIM 2.0, an open standard that enables central user and group management. Previously, users were simply drawn from various identity providers into uniFLOW Online. With the SCIM 2.0 framework in place, users and groups can now be managed centrally via SCIM 2.0-compliant directories and automatically integrated into uniFLOW Online, reducing the overhead of IT maintenance. This feature ensures that user, group, attribute, and identity information is consistently updated, leading to improved efficiency and security.

For organizations concerned with data security, uniFLOW Online 2023.2 now allows users to link their own Azure storage, giving them control over key management and regulating data access. This feature ensures print and scan data at rest is stored in a customer-managed and controlled environment. Using Azure Key Vault, uniFLOW Online can access files stored in the customer-managed Azure storage. Alongside these upgrades, NT-ware has also bolstered the device diagnostics for uniFLOW Online. Users are provided with immediate information regarding the status of the software directly on their device interface. This improved feedback mechanism is designed to limit service desk tickets and streamline the troubleshooting process, further enhancing the user experience.

uniFLOW Online’s latest release stands as a testament to NT-ware’s commitment to continually improving and innovating its products in line with the evolving needs of businesses and IT management practices. The added SCIM 2.0 support, Azure storage integration, and improved diagnostics certainly add more depth and functionality to this all-in-one print and scan management solution.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.