Founded in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, with a focus on selling copy machines, Pacific Office Automation has since evolved into a highly respected industry leader specializing in office management solutions. Nearly half a century later, the company is celebrated for its cutting-edge technology and award-winning customer service, attributes that have spurred its impressive growth. Today, Pacific Office Automation operates over 35 offices across a broad expanse of the United States, including Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Texas. Living up to its motto, “Problem Solved”, the company offers tailored office solutions that streamline operations, bolster security, and maximize productivity— a benefit that holds true whether the client is a small start-up seeking document management guidance or a Fortune 500 corporation with complex network security needs.

Pacific Office Automation places significant emphasis on the triple bottom line: profit, people, and planet. The company engages in various sustainability initiatives, such as recycling unwanted machines, toners, and cardboard, and promoting energy-saving practices among its clientele. To further support environmental stewardship, it provides a comprehensive environmental impact assessment service and offers strategies to help organizations diminish their carbon footprint. At the same time, Pacific Office Automation’s commitment to its workforce is equally strong. By providing competitive 401k matching, professional development opportunities, team outings, and an extensive benefits package, the company expresses its dedication to being a long-term employer. Through such efforts, it maintains a robust presence throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Texas, reinforcing its standing as a company that values both its employees and the environment.

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SOURCE Pacific Office Automation