Safe Return to Work By the Numbers

With 46% of the U.S. having at least one dose of a Coronavirus vaccine, according to the CDC, more and more businesses are planning to reopen. 60% of Google employees have already voluntarily returned to the office, as stated by Google Chief Executive Sundar Pichai. With people coming back to the office, it’s time to plan how to make your employees feel safe again.

A study by Bospar found the number one reason people worried about contracting Coronavirus is they work in an open office. Without adequate safety precautions, you can’t expect your workers to feel happy, productive, or collaborative. For most, returning after spending a year or more away from the office leads to thoughts of anxiety, fear, and trepidation.

In Time Tec created an infographic to show the concerns workers face and the best ways to address them. Feel free to share it on social media, email, or print the infographic. By far, the best way to put your employees’ fears at ease is following CDC recommendations for businesses.

The CDC recommends clearly communicating policies and expectations to employees. As an organization, review the current guidelines for sick leave, working from home, and working hours. Consider allowing for more flexibility with sick leave, allowing time off for vaccinations, and establishing flexible worksites. Prepare business contingency plans in the event of a significant amount of employees calling out sick.

The biggest recommendation is, of course, cleaning and sanitizing. The CDC recommends performing routine office environmental cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as workstations, doorknobs, and counters. Provide tissues and hand sanitizer for employee use to promote cleanliness and slow the spread of germs.

Another CDC recommendation is to discourage the sharing of tools and equipment. To minimize the need to touch the office printer, In Time Tec offers TouchFree MFP. An app for Apple and Android, TouchFree MFP allows you to remotely scan, print, share, and copy from HP OXPd-enabled devices.

The time to return to the office after a long absence is worrisome for everyone. However, this return also presents an opportunity for positive change. It can be easy to improve people’s lives with the ability to work from home, cleaner offices, and embracing new technologies emerging in the face of COVID-19.

SOURCE In Time Tec

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