DDS: The Power Behind All Our Systems

Recently, In Time Tec covered the signs your MPS software is dying. One of the easiest signs to recognize, of software losing support, is out-of-date data. Inaccurate data means less meaningful assessments and recommendations for your clients. When MPS providers cannot accurately project costs and savings, fleets are not fully optimized, and this harms business.  Fortunately, the Device Data Service (DDS) from Cartos Suite is here to help.

DDS, our database of over 13,000 MPS devices and their consumables, spans devices from all the major OEMs.  Constantly updated, DDS powers all the cloud based MPS software in the Cartos Suite. In Time Tec can even offer their DDS as a customized service to fit your needs.

Read more to learn how Cartos DDS might help to solve your data woes.”

SOURCE In Time Tec

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