Improved CyberSecurity

Outsourcing your IT services lets you improve cyber security and reduce the risk of sensitive information leaks. Many managed IT solutions will put security strategies and practices in place to ensure your business complies with all security standards. Such services may including data & document securityIT security solutionscybersecurity, and intelligent video surveillance.  MSPs such as Konica Minolta also provide security awareness training programs for employees to insulate businesses against cyberattacks.

This training reduces your chances for data loss, malware infections and any potential cyber threat by educating your employees and helping to create a human firewall. These programs foster the safe use of email, social media, company software, data management systems and more through personalized, engaging training methods.  The best by-product of this training is increased user productivity because users are confident in their education against these potential threats, in turn streamlining their everyday work.

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