By Christina Navarro, All Covered – When most of us hear the word “intranet,” it conjures up images of clunky webpages that weren’t very well designed and definitely were not used much! But over the last few years, the intranet has had a comeback.

Modern intranets offer secure data exchange, collaborative content creation and sharing, and increased employee engagement. So why don’t we all use these great internal company networks? The challenge normally sits within a combination of lack of resources, know-how and budget.

If you’re interested in updating your internal communications to allow effective collaboration and efficient information sharing, see my top tips below for how to install a modern and contemporary new intranet.

The benefits of a modern intranet

First, let’s talk about why you should be considering an intranet solution. There are five key aspects that provide constructive support for collaboration in everyday company life:

  • Each employee has an overview of the essentials.

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