Collaboration aims to evaluate the potential of AI with advanced 3D printing to help improve surgical experiences and personalize patient care for breast cancer

EXTON, PA, April 11, 2024 Ricoh USA, Inc. (“Ricoh”) and SimBioSys, Inc. (“SimBioSys”) announced a collaborative initiative to explore cutting-edge technologies with the potential to aid the treatment of breast cancer. This collaboration aims to evaluate the potential of artificial intelligence (“AI”) with advanced 3D printing to help improve surgical experiences and personalize patient care for breast cancer.

SimBioSys, known for its revolutionary TumorSight platform, the first digital precision medicine platform, and Ricoh, via its Ricoh 3D for Healthcare business (“Ricoh 3D for Healthcare”), a leader in the manufacturing of patient-specific medical devices, are set to showcase the potential of their combined technologies. The vision for this collaboration is to help create a transformative approach to breast cancer treatment, integrating SimBioSys’ AI capabilities with Ricoh’s 3D-printing expertise to produce highly accurate, patient-specific breast cancer models.

Ricoh 3D for Healthcare and SimBioSys will unveil some of their first AI-generated, 3D-printed breast cancer models at the upcoming American Society of Breast Surgeons (“ASBrS”) conference. This event will serve as a platform to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of their integrated technologies to the breast surgeon community.

“Through a collaboration with SimBioSys, we hope to not just envision a new future for medical treatment but help actively create it,” said Gary Turner, Managing Director at Ricoh USA, Inc. “Our dedication to precision and personalization in breast cancer care is about to be showcased at ASBrS, reflecting the potential of our combined efforts.”

At the ASBrS conference, attendees will experience firsthand the potential benefits of a Ricoh-SimBioSys collaboration. “Our presence at ASBrS will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate how this synergy has potential to benefit surgeons and patients by providing a clearer understanding of complex cancer surgeries before the first incision is made,” said Jyoti Palaniappan, Chief Commercial Officer at SimBioSys.

Visitors to the ASBrS conference can look forward to engaging demonstrations of this technology at Ricoh Booth 322 and SimBioSys Booth 443 from Thursday, April 11, through Saturday, April 13. The teams from Ricoh 3D for Healthcare and SimBioSys will be on hand to discuss the potential impacts and applications of their joint technological advancements in AI and 3D printing for breast conservation surgery. The integrated SimBioSys and Ricoh 3D for Healthcare workflow is currently for educational purposes only and not FDA cleared (or otherwise cleared) for diagnostic use or other uses.

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SimBioSys is a TechBio company leveraging artificial intelligence & computational modeling to harness the power of spatial biophysics to redefine precision medicine, transform patient care, and defeat cancer. By seeing cancer more completely, SimBioSys aims to empower clinicians, patients, and researchers with a more informed understanding of a patient’s tumor to optimally assess all available options and deliver on the promise of truly individualized patient care. To learn more, visit us at

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