Fiery powers Sharp’s BP-1200S Color Press for streamlined workflows and exceptional print quality, transforming print jobs into beautifully printed works of art.

Fremont, California. April 1, 2024 – Fiery, LLC, the largest independent provider of digital front ends (DFEs), and Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) have expanded their partnership with the launch of a new Fiery DFE for Sharp’s BP-1200C and BP-1200S Color Press Series. The Fiery DFE provides intelligent automation, unparalleled color accuracy, and enhanced performance, allowing Sharp production print customers to save time, improve productivity, and maximize their digital print investments.

“Print providers will love the Fiery DFE with the Sharp BP Color Presses. The combination of the Fiery server and our new 6-color engine allows print providers to match company colors that fall outside of the typical color gamut of a CMYK and cost-effectively deliver stunning color quality,” said Dino Pagliarello, Vice President of Product Management and Production Print, SIICA, at Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America. “With Fiery, our customers have the most user-friendly and proven DFE to drive maximum productivity on their digital production press investment.”

The Sharp’s BP-1200C and BP-1200S Color Presses are driven by a Fiery BP-PE12 Server for color accuracy, image quality, consistency, and streamlined workflow. With the Fiery BP-PE12, customers can:

  • Expedite the processing of large and complex jobs with Fiery’s ground-breaking HyperRIP™ technology, delivering maximum horsepower to process multiple jobs simultaneously or, for large files, split a job into multiple parts across multiple RIPs. This enables operators to turn jobs around faster, optimize the Sharp BP-1200S press throughput, and expand print capacity with confidence.
  • Simplify the handling of specialty colorswith built in color management tools to print up to six colors in one pass, including CMYK, gold, silver, bright pink, textured, and clear toners. Ensure brand color accuracy and reduce rework by leveraging Fiery ImageViewer for soft proofing to view and edit post-RIP raster files at full resolution, Fiery Spot Pro for advanced spot color management, and Fiery Smart Estimator to calculate specialty color usage before printing a single page.
  • Intelligently automate job setupusing Fiery JobExpert to analyze each job and automatically set the right imaging and color settings, saving time, reducing waste, and eliminating the need for an expert prepress operator on staff around the clock.
  • Unify job management across all Fiery Driven™ cutsheet and wide format printerswith Fiery Command WorkStation™ to efficiently manage all print production and streamline employee training. The Fiery Command WorkStation interface integrates directly with the Sharp Color Pro Series BP-1200S print engine color panel for added convenience and control.
  • Accelerate makeready from job setup through production in one single visual interface using the Fiery Workflow Suite of integrated products, including Fiery Impose, and Fiery Compose, to efficiently and profitably produce higher-margin jobs.
  • Quickly generate variable data print jobsby using Fiery FreeForm™ Create, a variable data creation application, to add variable components such as text, images, or barcodes with just a few clicks.

“Print businesses shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best RIP, and we are pleased to extend our partnership with Sharp for the new BP Digital Press Series,” said John Henze, vice president, sales and marketing, Fiery. “By pairing the BP Color Digital Press Series with a Fiery DFE, Sharp places customers’ needs at the forefront, ensuring that users have a proven DFE backed by 30 years of innovation to deliver the best output quality and maximize their investment.”

The Fiery Driven™ Sharp BP-1200C and BP-1200S Color Presses are available from Sharp and/or its authorized dealers or distributors. For more information about Fiery digital front end and digital print workflow solutions, visit

About Fiery, LLC

Fiery, LLC is the leading provider of digital front ends (DFEs) and workflow solutions for the growing industrial and graphic arts print industries. With a customer base that includes over 2 million DFEs sold globally, the company offers innovative software and cloud-based technologies that deliver fast performance, stunning color, and exceptional print quality across a broad range of production printing devices.

Fiery DFEs are installed in a diverse range of industry segments, including commercial print, packaging, signs and display graphics, ceramics, building materials, textiles and other specialty applications. With over 30 years of excellent support and service, Fiery has built an unmatched community of customers, dealers and partners.


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