In the fast-paced world of office equipment reselling, SalesScoreKeeper is the go-to tool for automating and simplifying sales commissions. It’s like having a smart assistant that handles complex compensation calculations, keeps an eye on quotas and draws, and serves up customized, scheduled reports for reps and managers. With SalesScoreKeeper on your side, you can pump up your team’s performance and say goodbye to clunky spreadsheets.

For more than a decade, SalesScoreKeeper has been helping big names in the office equipment industry move away from spreadsheets, proving that no comp plan is too tricky for them to automate. It’s got your back with seamless integration into all major ERP, CRM, and CPQ systems, making sure you never have to waste time re-typing data and risk making errors. Plus, you’ll enjoy the convenience of auto-calculating commissions, quotas, and bonuses, without ever opening a spreadsheet again.

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