Hytec, as an OEM Partner, is dedicated to offering service solutions for imaging dealers in line with global sustainability efforts. One of their key services is PCB repair, which promotes the reuse of parts to extend the life of equipment and support supply chain constraints.

With a focus on quality and cost-efficiency, Hytec ensures that all repairs are performed using genuine OEM parts, so customers can trust that they’re receiving the best possible service while also contributing to a greener future.

In addition to PCB repair, Hytec offers a range of other services aimed at improving the performance and longevity of imaging equipment. These include power protection, HDD security, and fuser rebuilds.

Their power protection products are designed to prevent, monitor, analyze, and resolve power-related issues, while their HDD security service, Hytec Drive Secure, allows imaging dealers to increase service profits. Lastly, the fuser rebuild service ensures that genuine OEM parts are used to rebuild fusers, effectively extending their lifespan and promoting reuse.

Hytec’s comprehensive service offerings make it an invaluable partner for imaging dealers seeking to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and support sustainability initiatives.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.