The Business Technology Association‘s Spring Break conference in Orlando brought together copier dealers and office equipment resellers from around the country. Among the exhibitors was Brother, a leading provider of scanners and printers. Not only did Brother showcase their products, but they also sponsored the first day’s lunch at the conference.

One of the highlights of Brother’s presence at the conference was the discussion of their ADPP dealer program. Designed to help dealers grow their businesses, the program provides resources such as marketing collateral, training tools, and in-store recognition as a Diamond Elite or Gold Dealer. The program also includes exclusive education events and reduced cost financing events to help dealers stay ahead of the curve.

For Brother, the conference was an opportunity to connect with dealers and resellers, showcase their products, and share their commitment to the “at your side” culture. By sponsoring the lunch and introducing their ADPP program, Brother demonstrated their dedication to helping their partners succeed in a highly competitive market.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.