Founded in 2009, TruPoint Communication Solutions is focused on providing businesses in healthcare, legal, real estate, and finance industries with leading-edge technology solutions based on their individual needs. As a technology consulting agency, TruPoint leverages unique carrier relationships and expertise to advocate for their clients’ success and expand their customer base.

When TruPoint sought a more dependable, digital fax solution that could handle a substantial volume of faxes, the company evaluated several providers. In 2021, TruPoint partnered with etherFAX to offer its customers a fax server replacement.

As a cloud-based solution, etherFAX leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications, etherFAX eliminates the need for unreliable network fax systems, phone lines, and costly telephony fees. Since etherFAX is not a “rip-and-replace” solution, there was no change in user workflows.

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