By Kieron Byatt, PaperCut: The print industry is guilty of talking about “the cloud” like it hasn’t been commonplace in business for the past 10+ years. But that’s because printing is the “last bastion” of the cloud.

Printing via the cloud is nothing new. But the hot topic for the print industry is hosting print management software in the cloud, rather than on local hardware like a print server.

What makes it all so mysterious and mythical is that printers/copiers/MFDs have a different relationship with the cloud than computers. Printers are mechanical devices. And for software in the cloud to manage printers there is always going to be a local piece of hardware of some kind. Whether that’s the software hosted on a computer, on the printer, or on a dedicated device like a server or a Raspberry Pi.

Because of all these nuances, there are many misconceptions and traps customers can fall into when considering cloud print.

So let’s bust some of the biggest cloud printing myths.

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Source: PaperCut