By Andy Slawetsky -Xerox Holdings Corporation has announced the sale of its businesses in Argentina and Chile to Grupo Datco, a leading provider in technologies and fiber optic network services in Latin America. According to the press release, this decision is part of Xerox’s broader initiative to reinvent its business model, focusing on a partner-led strategy to enhance client success and productivity across various geographies.

John Bruno, President and Chief Operating Officer of Xerox, expressed the company’s dedication to its Reinvention journey, emphasizing the importance of partners in driving growth and client success. The partnership with Grupo Datco is expected to leverage the latter’s expertise in delivering essential software and services, fostering a productive collaboration aimed at supporting Xerox’s clients in Argentina and Chile.

Grupo Datco, under the leadership of CEO and Founder Horacio Martínez, is set to continue the service and sales of Xerox products in these regions. Martínez highlighted the company’s commitment to growth and long-term development. The transition aims to not only preserve but also expand the existing workforce, with a focus on synergy and sustainable growth.

The new arrangement will see Grupo Datco operating as the exclusive partner for Xerox in Argentina and Chile, maintaining the brand’s presence and continuing its legacy in these markets. While financial details of the deal remain undisclosed, the move is seen as a positive step for both companies, promising new growth opportunities and a strengthened position in the Latin American market.

For office equipment resellers and stakeholders in the channel news community, this announcement may not have immediate implications within the U.S. market, but it provides valuable insight into Xerox’s strategic direction and its efforts to optimize operations and drive progress in the global arena.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.