Evolution and change have always been a constant in the office imaging channel. An industry that originated with a heavy focus on print management solutions has grown to include data management, digital workflow, and other premium services. As the business landscape transforms with emerging markets and dramatic changes, opportunities to pivot outside the traditional print model will continue to present themselves to savvy dealers. While print solutions are likely to remain a core offering for many providers, those who are adaptable will find exciting new ways to serve their customers by embracing the current era of channel evolution.

The Next Generation of Infrastructure

The world of electric vehicles (EVs) has become one of the fastest-growing markets across all industries, presenting a remarkable opportunity for growth and newfound success. According to reports from EVAdoption, approximately 50 percent of all new car sales are expected to be electric by 2030. However, the accelerated demand for electric vehicles also brings the need for sustainable infrastructure to support that growth.

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