By Delphine Clavel, Y Soft: 1. THE MODERN PRINT DRIVER

The modern print driver, unlike standard universal print drivers, is designed to work across all printer models and brands. A universal print driver is one single manufacturer driver that enables consistent print performance on that manufacturer’s devices. The modern print driver steps it up a notch.

Even with a universal print driver, since they come up short in a multi-vendor print environment, many IT teams will end up still having to administer and maintain a repository of multiple print drivers to manage their printer fleet, taking away time from their mission-critical tasks. Opting for a cloud solution with a fully-featured single driver (aka the modern print driver), you and your team will never have to worry about printer drivers again – we’ll do that for you.

How does the driver function? Once a user authenticates themselves at any of your fleet’s devices, YSoft Everyoneprint seamlessly formats the job, including all finishing options, and quickly sends it to a chosen printer (regardless of brand), helping users to leverage the best of their print devices.

With a true cloud platform, the print driver can move from being a point of frustration to a business enabler.

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