Clover Imaging‘s toner cartridges have gained recognition for their lower environmental impact compared to OEM counterparts in a recent comparative Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) study. The research was commissioned to evaluate the environmental impact of Clover’s remanufactured toner cartridges versus OEM cartridges. The LCA study has a cradle-to-grave perspective, taking into account the environmental impact from the production of raw materials to the end of life of the products.

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The study found that Clover Imaging’s remanufactured toner cartridges had a lower environmental impact compared to OEM cartridges in all statistically significant impact categories studied. The results were robust and statistically differentiated, even when considering the best possible scenario of using 75% recycled plastic in the OEM cartridges.

Clover Imaging’s remanufacturing process reuses an existing OEM cartridge shell and many of its components, which reduces energy expenditure. Additionally, the company offers a cartridge collection program that accepts empty cartridges, providing them with another useful life. Clover Imaging’s commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated by its use of GreenCircle’s Recycled Content certification.

GreenCircle’s certification validates the source of recycled materials and provides a certified percentage of pre-and post-consumer recycled content within the product or raw material. This ensures accuracy, consistency and authenticity of recycled content claims. GreenCircle’s certification is ISO 17065 compliant and considered the gold standard in transparency.

Clover Imaging’s commitment to sustainability and use of remanufactured toner cartridges can have a significant impact on reducing carbon footprints. The company’s environmental calculator allows customers to estimate the reduction of their carbon footprint by using Clover Imaging’s remanufactured printer cartridges.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.