The Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Standard Body, Created with DirectTrust, Aims to Enhance the Existing Security Attributes of Cloud Faxing

Feb 12, 2024

etherFAX is a co-chair leading the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax Consensus Body, which defines a proposed American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard establishing the protocols and mechanisms that will enhance the existing security attributes of facsimile by adding cross-platform and cross-organizational identity assurance, standards-based exchange of metadata, and federated standards for security.

Healthcare organizations in particular rely heavily on fax solutions for communication, and the current landscape necessitates an improvement in security features. The proposed standard will enable them to attain the benefits of these modern frameworks without requiring wholesale change in underlying workflows or impractical infrastructure upgrades. By providing these enhancements as part of the transmission protocol rather than requiring the senders and recipients to make substantial changes on their own, healthcare organizations easily and securely transmit mission critical health records, creating better patient outcomes. Additionally, the Interoperable Secure Cloud Fax standard enables healthcare organizations to seamlessly transition to modern interoperability frameworks.

etherFAX creates the on-ramp to interoperability by enabling agnostic applications to securely communicate and exchange documents and data. Leveraging AI-powered data extraction, unstructured documents such as PDFs, faxes, and paper-based forms can be transformed into structured, searchable data that can be easily integrated into workflow processes and applications.

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by etherFAX®
etherFAX® eliminates the need for costly network fax systems, such as fax boards and recurring telephony fees. etherFAX’s patented technology leverages the Internet to manage all business-critical fax communications.