Katun VP Ron Petrucci spoke during the 2023 Executive Connection Summit in Scottsdale AZ.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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pandemic the supply chain issues it’s

been very good for for Katun in a couple

of ways but one of the ways and and Kate

has been around 42 years sermon

companies worldwide but

one of the things that came out of that

is dealers in some cases who have worked

OEM only dealers

the secrets came out

What secrets

they were forced in some cases to use


and they found out it works just like

the OEM

interesting so so that secret came out

and sometimes they found out

dang this might be the OEM

which we don’t talk about but

um so it’s kind of an interesting

situation so what I would ask

is that

the oems and everything starts to click

back closer to normal

look at the savings that Caden has

provided you during this period of time

do Analytics

and act accordingly and those analytics

say oh the OEM is a much better way to


bless you but if the analytics say you

know that makes some sense to still do

quite a bit with the Caden organization

and we would love that so that’s what

I’d ask enjoy lunch