Managing dozens or hundreds of expensive mobile assets is a tough job. Fortunately, today’s fleet managers have plenty of software and hardware options to make it easier, from sophisticated in-vehicle telematics systems to back-end scheduling and logistics software. These tools help fleet managers control costs, reduce risks and improve driver accountability.

 All these benefits depend on correctly identifying individual drivers or users and control who has access to vehicles, equipment, or systems.

The fleet management market encompasses commercial trucking fleets and government and public utility fleets, municipal transportation systems, law enforcement fleets, car sharing and bike sharing, material handling equipment for warehouses, and specialty markets such as airport service vehicles.

User authentication and access control solutions help fleet managers protect valuable physical assets, monitor driver safety and productivity, and streamline compliance activities. At their simplest, they ensure that the correct driver is accessing the right vehicle or equipment. But they can also link driver identities to scheduling, time-and-attendance, behavioral management, and compliance systems.

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