ERIS™ is an AI-based document data extraction development tool that supports the processing of job files and is an alternative to using programming APIs. This remote integration service provides support for email, Epic web services, file drop, and more. As a lightweight, containerized application, ERIS can help clients easily replace many local fax server functions.

  • Eliminate complicated and expensive on-premise fax servers and fax boards that are bulky, expensive, hard-to-maintain, and require detailed expertise to set-up, configure, and operate
  • High availability, clustering, and load balancing for mission-critical environments
  • Easily set-up routes and queues to ensure the right document goes to the right location
  • Highly configurable notifications to the file system, email, web-hooks, and more
  • Supports TIFF, PDF, Office Documents, and other graphic image files (JPG, PNG, etc.)
  • Enhanced workflows and automation with file drop and third-party application tie-ins

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