By Andy Slawetsky – Kodak Alaris held a customer event for their reseller eBizDocs on August 21, 2019. It has been nearly a year since they moved into their new facility, peeling away from the old Eastman Kodak buildings down the road into their own facility. The new location is modern and beautiful and offers Alaris partners like eBizDocs the ability to bring major customers to a really nice showroom. Alaris has facilities like this other countries throughout the world such as Brazil, Mexico, the UK and more.

While it was nice to meet with some of the Alaris people, the day was really eBizDoc’s as they had about 12 customers and prospects from some significant local companies, several of which you have definitely heard of.

It was a short day and after a few demonstrations, lunch and a few quick presentations by eBizDoc’s executives, the meeting concluded with a few more demos (and Wegmans cookies).

The presentations were interesting as eBizDocs discussed their development and implementation of robotics into the Alaris product offering, helping automate mundane workflow for their customers. There are lots of different ways companies in the imaging industry are finding to use robotics and the eBizDocs team certainly found a way to improve the lives of their customers using this approach.

I haven’t attended an Alaris event in many years and it was great to catch up with them to find out What’s Happening’. With a full line of document scanners ranging from personal to production level equipment, Alaris has an impressive portfolio.

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