Ann Arbor, MI (Marketwired) – SkySync, a powerful middleware technology that enables organizations to tightly-integrate content across disparate on-premises and cloud-based storage platforms, today announced the company is mentioned in a January 2016 Gartner research note titled “How to Migrate File Shares, SaaS and ECM to EFSS.”

The report outlines several best practices for migrating from legacy, on-premises storage systems to cloud-based Enterprise File Sync and Share services. According to analysts Raj Bala and Garth Landers, “Using a third-party content migration product can be significantly easier when migrating from a source ECM system or a file share to an EFSS platform.”

SkySync is a downloadable software solution that bridges an organization’s existing on-premises storage and content management systems to cloud-based EFSS services. It can sync, migrate or backup files — including their associated properties, metadata, versions, user accounts and permissions — to most major EFSS services. These include Syncplicity, Box, Citrix ShareFile, Dropbox for Business, Egnyte, Google Drive, Huddle, Office 365, Oracle Documents, and others.

According to the Gartner report, “Customers who adopt EFSS products often later consider consolidating other file repositories such as NAS file shares and ECM applications. But migrating to an EFSS platform has varying degrees of cost, complexity and completeness. There is a myriad of potential source and target platforms from which organizations may be migrating.”

“We understand firsthand the complexities of bridging tens to hundreds of millions of files distributed across disparate storage systems and geographies to cloud EFSS platforms,” says Mark Brazeau, CEO of SkySync. “To avoid prohibitive integration efforts, an intelligent middleware layer — one that is capable of automating the migration and bi-directional synchronization of files, folder hierarchies, properties, permissions, metadata and user accounts — is a necessity.”

Additional findings of note from the Gartner report include the following:

“By 2019, 75% of enterprises will have deployed multiple EFSS capabilities and over 50% of them will struggle with problems of data migration, up from 10% today.”

“Enterprises should be pragmatic about the longevity of EFSS and systems in general that are used to store and manage data.”

About SkySync
SkySync streamlines cloud adoption by enabling organizations to easily integrate content from existing storage platforms. SkySync makes it simple to migrate on-site system files and associated data across platforms or create fully bi-directional, synchronized hybrid storage environments. Architected for any size environment, SkySync is deployed at 1500+ businesses worldwide and across a wide range of industries. For more information, please visit