Konica Minolta Exec Earns Blue Angels Foundation Recognition VIDEO

Konica Minolta US President and CEO Rick Taylor was honored at their dealer summit in Carlsbad CA this week by an award from The Blue Angels Foundation.

According to their website, “The Blue Angels Foundation’s mission is to support wounded veterans. The wounded veterans who proudly volunteered to serve our nation and preserve our freedoms are the same people today who need our time, treasure and talents to provide a path of transition back to the civilian community and a life of dignity and fulfillment.”

Rick and Konica Minolta have been a huge supporter of this Foundation (among MANY other amazing charities) for a few years now and have raised a ton of money. Besides that, Rick has provided advice that has helped the Foundation grow by leaps and bounds over the last several years.

Watch the video to see what a big softy Rick can be as he is too overwhelmed by this unexpected recognition to even speak, perhaps for the first time ever!

Congratulations to you, Rick Taylor, for all that you do. This was a wonderful surprise and what is sure to be a cherished moment.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.