Papercut MF Now Available In Epic App Orchard

Print management for healthcare just got easier

[Dateline: Portland, OR, June 2] — PaperCut Software has announced a new Epic integration for its flagship, feature-rich print management software PaperCut MF – now available in Epic’s App Orchard gallery.

PaperCut MF has a comprehensive suite of security and MFD integrations that allow healthcare organizations to bolster their print security and compliance story.

“PaperCut MF’s security and efficiency feature-set is a natural fit in the healthcare field with so many customers looking for ways to support compliance and workflow challenges” says Mat Buttrey, PaperCut’s healthcare product owner.

Features such as secure print release with authentication at any printer/MFD, Find-Me printing, and traceability of jobs reduces the risk of Protected Health Information (PHI) being mis-printed or mis-used without recourse. PaperCut MF also offers users a wide range of effective and simple operating system-agnostic print enablement features to ensure time is spent on more pressing matters – like giving great care to their patients.

It’s not just the latest integration that ensures PaperCut MF works well in healthcare. The software has a user-friendly UI, helping administrators set up and manage their environment in minutes – scaling from one to 4,100 printers or from five to 350,000 users. Plus, PaperCut MF interoperates with common Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems such as Epic, and other hospital systems like directory management.

PaperCut MF empowers the healthcare industry to make printing easy for end users, whether they are printing from a mobile device or a standard workstation. The software is built with adaptation and ease-of-use in mind, from its industry-leading third-party integrations, right through to easy queue management with Print Deploy.

It doesn’t matter what size your client’s healthcare organization, what printers they use, or what operating system they prefer – PaperCut will just work. PaperCut takes a cross-platform, vendor-neutral approach to technology to deliver one of the industry’s strongest print management solutions.

About PaperCut Software

Around the world, workplaces are wrestling with printing costs and print management complexity. PaperCut is solving those problems, one workplace at a time. Since 1998, PaperCut has helped 50 million users in 175 countries save trillions of pages of paper. With PaperCut in their print environment, IT managers solve their nagging print problems once and for all.

How? Its two software solutions – PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG – are cross-platform and vendor neutral. That means they work with any printer and any operating system. Plus, both solutions feature ground-breaking technology such as Mobility Print, secure print release, and rich reporting tools.

Businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries benefit from the control, security, and financial and environmental savings that PaperCut software was built for.

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