What’s New In PaperCut 20.0?

Our favorite time of year (and hopefully yours, too) sees PaperCut 20.0 gear up for release.

The latest version of PaperCut adds support for popular Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, plus plenty of enhancements to features loved by our education customers.

Key release features

  1. Integration with Epic Systems, one of the world’s most used EMR applications.
  2. Mobility Print updates (available June/July) including new cloud printing over the internet.
  3. Print Deploy updates (available now) to let users self-install/uninstall available printers.
  4. New Application Server failover to protect customers with a network load balancer.

Extra 20.0 tidbits

  • Enhanced MFD Deployment improvements to speed up rollouts via easy CSV uploads.
  • Device scripting leaving the Percolator with support for more MFD platforms.
  • New data integrations to give customers real and actionable insights.
  • Extended UPN/ Multi-domain support (in Percolator) to include Google Cloud Directory.
  • Improvements and updates to MFDs including Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, and HP.

New blog posted here: https://blog.papercut.com/the-homemade-version-of-papercut-mf-is-almost-here/

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