Does Your Sales Organization Need to Grow? If your answer is yes, read on…

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We can help you grow – revenue, profit and ROI. At Coco Training & Coaching we equip sales organizations with the right tools, processes, and skill sets developing teams that produce more.

On the surface, many sales topics are rather similar. We are proud to say our approach is unique. We engage in a different way by drilling down topics to a point where they are understandable. Tools, resources, and structure that both management and sales can embrace, use, leading to greater successes.

Why Coco Training & Coaching? Our approach has caused a paradigm shift for many sales organizations. With decades of sales and sales management experience, we have used our expertise to create the industry-leading A Higher Sale Playbook.

It’s is a proven program that includes preliminary meetings determining the health of a sales organization, intense on-site training and sharing of needed tools and processes, as well as timely follow up focused on implementation. As one recent Vice President of Sales noted,” I knew during our first meeting this is what we needed to do to break the barrier of growth for this coming year. I am excited knowing we now have a written business plan with a real strategy moving forward. With your help, we designed a plan based on four key elements: New Business Development, Company Branding, a true Inspection Process, and a solid Recruiting Strategy to fill the talent pipeline”.

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