A More Effective Approach to Sales Recruiting

       In today’s business world where 82% of sales teams are understaffed it is necessary to think out of the box. When it comes to Sales Recruiting, Coco Training has done just that.

          Find out why companies like PERRY pro TECH, The Visual Edge Group, RJ Young, Millennium Business Systems,  Copier Fax Business Technologies, The Swenson Group, CORE Business Technologies, Memphis Communications, Topp Business Solutions, Function4, Lockwood Moore, The Office People, and many others are utilizing our services.

          Consider collaborating with our team (all with extensive years of sales expertise in the Imaging Industry) to help you INSPIRE candidates to want your job. That’s what we do. 

  • Coco Training’s Recruiting Program is exclusive to the Imaging Industry.
  • Includes sourcing of Sales Professionals, Business Development Reps, Major Accounts, IT Sales; MPS, MNS, Production Print Specialists, (Selling) Sales Managers as well as Service Technicians.
  • Our process is a high- level experience for the candidate; one that makes your company special and unique.
  • We learn about your company, customize job postings, and utilize cutting edge software to help search and identify the strongest candidates putting your sales opportunity in the best possible light.
  • Coco Training does the “heavy lifting “performing pre-screens/ interviews of sales candidates, drilling down on personal/business backgrounds, saving you time… bringing you quality professionals allowing your managers to focus on driving sales.
  • We train all hiring managers on the industries best and most effective techniques…Behavioral Interviewing.
  • We share an evaluation metric that every hiring manager will use to grade out each candidate.
  • Better and more Accurate decisions resulting in a strong ROI.
  • Let’s face it…Head Hunters can be both expensive and unproductive…our advanced, proven system is highly effective and we guarantee it.

At Coco Training, we know what it takes to be successful in Sales. Perhaps the time is now to partner with a company that understands your business and is committed to your growth. Ready when you are. 

Larry Coco, Founder and President of Coco Training & Coaching- A premier training company driving the growth of sales organizations in the Imaging Industry.

Larry@cocotraining.com           www.cocotraining.com                914.588.5384

Interview with Larry Coco at Sharp Pulse 17 VIDEO