RTC 3D Printing Masks and Face Guards; Donating to Hospitals and Ambulance Crews

Real Time Communication BV (RTC) have been busy at its facility in The Netherlands, using their 3D Printing capability to produce face masks and face guards which they have donated to local hospital staff and ambulance crews. It is great to see our industry contributing to the fight against COVID-19.

If there are similar opportunities in your region, and you think RTC can help you, please let the guys at Real Time know.

They can be reached by e-mail on info@iopbv.com.

They have STL files available which they are happy to share. They also have 3D Printers and filaments available which they can supply.

IOP is built on 80 years of front line experience in the Channel

The 5 senior business executives in the IOP Customer Facing Team have more than a combined 80 years serving the printer supplies reseller channels in EMEA and can identify with current challenges and those that lie ahead for the reseller community.

These include but are not limited to: Shrinking public and private sector budgets, rapid advancement of MPS to the SMB market, consequential migration of pages from the desk top environment to floor standing devices, OEMs increasingly going direct, OEMs ripping back their channel support programmes, over-distribution by OEMs which exacerbate commoditisation, Amazon entering the space aggressively, documents increasingly being distributed electronically, and the changing procurement habits of the y and z generations. Click here for more information.

SOURCE Real Time Communication BV