Healthcare Tips Demand for Print Security

Demand for print services in Healthcare are rapidly increasing, with 47% of channel and OEM executive respondents of a recent Covid-19 Study  reporting increased demand from the healthcare sector.

If you compare this with the latest 2020 Fortified Healthcare Security report, the total number of records breached in the Healthcare sector exceeded 113 million in 2019. Unfortunately, the Healthcare sector continues to be a key target for cyber criminals who are on the look-out for easy high value targets.

In addition to handling large amounts of high-value data daily, Hospitals unlike their counterparts in the commercial world, often do not have the same level of IT security skills and resources to fully protect this data.

It is understandable why healthcare organizations are the most popular target given the amount of highly confidential data potentially available. Also when considering the variety of technology, and the number of staff involved in patient care, managing and securing data is an added complication.

Craig Hospital, a world-renowned rehabilitation hospital has however managed to secure their patient data, whilst enabling clinicians to stay focussed on patient care.

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SOURCE Ringdale

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