MyQ Security: Protection Beyond Printing

With MyQ, the choice is yours

At MyQ, we’ve developed a printing solution that incorporates best-in-class tools which give you the flexibility to create your own settings. You can personalize settings to meet specific company needs, establish policies, and have privacy settings align with specific legislation requirements, e.g., GDPR.

Securing the Privacy of MyQ Users

There are three basic security measures essential in every print environment, regardless of user.

  1. Ensuring that the user who is using the MFP has full control over their jobs.
  2. Enclosed user sessions with both user authentication and automatic logout.
  3. Storing print files in a secured place on the MyQ Print Server.

Beyond this, the following additional MyQ features can further increase user privacy:

 GDPR Compliance

  • Complying to all user rights given by the regulation such as the “right to access” and the “right to be forgotten.”

MyQ Secure Print

  • Release sent jobs only after the user goes to the MFP and authorizes themselves with an ID card or username + password, preventing the accidental or malicious pickup of materials.

MyQ Device Login/Logout

  • Simply log out of the device and its memory is automatically cleared. The administrator can set an automatic logout once the user is finished.

Document Security

  • Store all print files at the MyQ Server in a predefined folder and the MyQ administrator can set the period for when the files will be automatically deleted.

Private Queues

  • Enable users or departments to use private queues where print jobs are deleted immediately after they are released.

Privacy Mode

  • Personal data that would compromise the company’s data protection policies won’t be saved in this mode and logged users can only see the names of their own jobs.

About MyQ

MyQ makes the award-winning MyQ Solution for secure print management and workflow optimization via printers and other multi-functional devices. Headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic, with additional branches in Austria, France, Germany, Russia, UAE, the UK, and the USA, MyQ works with the most-recognized global vendors in the printing industry. CIO Business World rates MyQ a “Top 100” Czech technology company.

For more information about MyQ’s security and to read this article in its entirety, please visit the MyQ Blog.


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