Muratec @ Work

Everyday, at offices all throughout the country, Muratec MFP’s go to work.

Whether companies need a document processing specialist, help printing on specialty media, communicating with fax servers or routing documents, Muratec MFP’s arrive ready, willing and able to get the job done. They’ll even work overtime, for no additional charge!

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Check out some of our successful placements and contact your local authorized Muratec dealer to find out how to put Muratec MFP’s to work for you.

Document Processing Specialist
We’re an engineering and construction consulting firm with over 250 employees throughout North America. Needless to say we generate A LOT of documents.

The Muratec’s? Well, we’re responsible for converting all the paper documents floating around this place into organized, easily accessible digital files.

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Fax Server Communication Specialist
Installing the fax server was one of the best decisions this company every made. We reduced costs by eliminating dedicated fax lines. Plus, document workflow and archiving practices improved, and the ability to centrally manage all communications was made possible.

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Banner Printing Specialist
Here at the party store, they used to carry just about everything you’d need to put together an awesome celebration. Balloons, confetti, party hats, those candles that won’t blow out… they had everything. Well, almost everything.
The one thing they didn’t have was customizable banners.

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