2023 proved to be a big year for Toshiba America Business Solutions. Let’s take a closer look at the most widely read articles, as reported by Industry Analysts Inc.

Toshiba’s Strategic Alliance with Ricoh

At the top of our recap is the in-depth analysis of Toshiba’s strategic collaboration with Ricoh. This report garnered remarkable attention, boasting over 32,000 reads, a record-breaking achievement for our publication. This article delved into the intricacies of a partnership that had the industry buzzing.

Japanese Conglomerate Toshiba Accepts $15 Billion Buyout Bid Led by Japan Industrial Partners: Implications for Toshiba and Toshiba Tec

Another headline-making story was the acceptance of a $15 billion buyout bid by the Japanese conglomerate Toshiba, led by Japan Industrial Partners. Our report examined the implications of this monumental development, shedding light on what it meant for both Toshiba and Toshiba Tec, resonating strongly with our readers.

Is Toshiba Selling their Branches?

Coming in as the third most widely clicked on Toshiba story, we chat with Toshiba CEO Larry White to ask the question of whether Toshiba was divesting its branches.

These stories were some of the most noteworthy in the industry landscape of 2023, with two of them securing positions in the top five articles of the year in terms of page views. As we turn the calendar to 2024, we look forward to what the future holds for Toshiba.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.