When Sacramento-based office technology reseller WiZiX Technology Group acquired a Toshiba branch in Reno last week, we couldn’t help but wonder whether this was going to be the beginning of the end of the Toshiba branch system.

Who better to ask than Toshiba America Business Solutions President and CEO Larry White what the plans are for the rest of their branches?

Is Toshiba selling their branches? Larry tells all in this episode of What’s Happenin’.

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what’s happening Andy here I am joined

today by Larry white president and CEO

of Toshiba how are you Larry doing great

thank you

what’s going on Andy what you know

what’s going on we had some big news

from a dealer of yours last week and uh

I wanted to uh discuss discuss that news

uh wizik’s out of uh uh Nevada I believe

uh acquired one of your branches why

don’t you tell us about that yeah so

actually it’s uh wizix is really

headquartered in California Sacramento

and offices throughout Northern

California and it was interesting so one

of the the principles of wizzics and I

were hunting and we were on a in a bus

ride you know going out to the The Game

Preserve and we’re talking about markets

and everything else and he goes you know

what we’re you know we’re expanding into

Reno you know really excited about it

we’ve got you know experienced sales

manager there we’re you know we’re

opening up an office and go really I

said you know I’ve got a a base in Reno

that we’re not really working it doesn’t

really make any sense for us to be there

and it’s a small base but it’s something

that you could use to get your business

going and so we you know had Dialogue on

it you know know conversations for a

couple months and then you know decide

to to pull the trigger on it it’s like

one of those deals that you know got me

out of a situation where you know either

I had to invest big to do something to

Marketplace or you know let somebody

who’s really excited about that market

go in and take advantage of it so that’s

the path we went down so that’s it’s a

good thing it’s a great thing for us and

it’s a great thing for them uh you know

the the funny thing is is whenever you

sell any part of a branch everybody

starts saying your branches are for sale

yeah as we put into press release our

branches aren’t for sale this was a

small Market with a really small base

that was uh that we needed to do

something with and we found the right

partner so are are your branches for

sale Barry no or my sister are your

branches for sale Larry our branches are

not for sale we’re doing really well

with our branches so you know it’s

really interesting because

um just how far the industry has come in

the last you know couple of years and

you you look uh a few years back when

you know kind of commodity dumped a few

branches I shouldn’t say dump but they

you know same idea they they got rid of

a few branches that they didn’t want in

their system anymore they still have

lots of branches Canon did it a few

years ago uh Rico went a little further

than everybody but you know you think

back about 20 years ago when you know

the goal was Coast to Coast coverage in

every market and and now we’re starting

to see some of those markets maybe you

know you guys don’t need to be in yeah I

mean well you take a look we did the

same thing if you take a look at

marketplaces like in Montana

you know do do I need to be in Billings

or Helena Montana no I really don’t need

to be there it’s hard to get to and no

and it’s you know it takes a lot of

money to develop those marketplaces so

we spun those off you know a few years

ago to you know to a really good dealer

of ours and we did the same thing in

Spokane Washington we’ve done the same

thing in Reno now no it’s again it’s a

you know it’s really a market by market

thing if it’s it makes sense to to be

there and if you’re doing well if you’re

not doing well you know it’s you know

that’s something you really as a

business person you have to examine well

you know there’s obviously an upside to

branches from from your perspective but

there’s there’s just something else you

know there’s something to having uh a

good local dealer that just you know

lives in that environment grew up in

that environment knows everybody there

right and and I mean they’re they’re

known in their town it’s their their

brand is you know maybe in some cases as

big if not bigger locally than you are

so you know the dealer in the local

markets is just as strong I think as

they’ve ever been and and I agree with

you 100 percent

so just to one last time you’re not

selling your branches we’re not selling

our branches all right all right well we

can move on from that let’s switch gears

a little bit let’s talk about uh you

know the rest of your year what’s coming

up I know you’ve got a show coming up

sometime um what we’ve got to show when

is that uh summer fall when are we doing

that we’re doing uh so it’s our lead

event so that’s you know we do with

dealers and and customers which is a

little bit different than you know most

of our competitors out there we invite

so the first day or two is usually is

usually the dealers and then the

customers come exactly correct yeah yeah

really interesting so before our dealers

that are coming great opportunity for

you to to help you know sell to those

bigger larger customers because it’s we

put on a pretty good dog and pony show

it’s you put on a great show yeah and so

this one is um where’s this one going to

be so this one’s at Bellagio great great

facility and we are doing it uh middle

of September so it’ll be exciting time

and a great time to be in Las Vegas yeah



so you guys haven’t had a show I mean if

I’m thinking back like I don’t think

we’ve done anything since pre-pandemic

so you’ve had a ton of things come up in

between now and then and then just over

the last year you and I were talking

before uh before we started recording

um you’ve got a ton of new products new

things you’re launching right now over

the next few months and so is this where

you’re going to show it all you’re gonna

have Road shows before that or is this

going to be a big kickoff when you when

you do the September show yeah we’re

just gonna do it all one one place and

time you know it’s to your point we

haven’t had a we haven’t really had a

dealer meeting of this extent in four

years right that’s a long long time to

go so we want to do it upright like we

like we always do and you know and and

make it fun and and yet informative for

our dealer Community uh dealer community

and for our uh and user customers also

so what kind of new things you think

we’re going to be seeing what are um

what were some of the things you were

you uh you wanted to talk about as far

as new products what’s coming out in the

next couple of months so uh first off is

refresh of the we’ve been refreshing the

entire product line for over the last

nine months anyway so that’s yeah and

that’s been kind of the the low to

mid-range black and white color uh we’ll

finish out that transition with our

high-end black and white in color

that’ll you know start uh we’ll start

launching not launching but shipping

product in late May uh uh late May early

June time frame you know it’s the update

on the the color product now is it’s 75

65 to 100 pages per minute 90 pages per

minute excuse me uh and in that space so

it’s first time we’ve had you know

something really touching the light

production area which is nice a whole

bunch of new bells and whistles that uh

or we’ll get people excited about uh on

the color side of the product we’ll be

doing 65 and 75 Pages color and then 25

and 85 Pages uh black and white so good

nice good clean refresh of the product

new UI you know just all the good fun

stuff that you know that gets people

excited about new products coming out so

we’ll keep a little bit of secret

because I don’t want to

to spoil too much of the excitement of

the launch but yeah we’re we’re really

excited about these new products

and and so at this meeting

um this is a big meeting usually for you

guys right in the past you’ve had retail

there as well which you know maybe some

of the people watching this aren’t as

familiar with the retail side of Toshiba

but that’s a big part of you guys as

well right so we’re not going to be

doing that in conjunction with our

Retail Group because it’s been so long

since we’ve been apart we wanted to be

really focused with our messaging you

know for our part of the business so we

do a lot of things with the retail group

and they’re an amazing company with

amazing technology but this time we’re

going to do uh do our own in this in

this space well excellent excellent so

we’re excited to see these new products

um we’re we’re enjoying the news that

you guys have been having I got to say

locally we had some uh we just ran

something about the Buffalo Bills and

you guys posted a nice piece about

helping them with their defense

um honestly maybe you could help them a

little bit more this season because we

had bigger expectations than uh than

than going out in that round but uh here

we are and we’ll plan for next year but

um this has been awesome Larry I really

didn’t I don’t want to take up your

whole day I just wanted to get you on

here and then the main thing was to just

you know set the set the tone for for

the the audience that you know you are

not selling all your branches uh dealers

should not be calling you

um you know seeing what what’s available

and and what you have uh uh to offer so


so so to be clear dealers can’t call me

I love talking to dealers but you know

if they’re calling me about wanting to

buy a branch that probably won’t be a

long conversation but still love talking

to the dealers to find out what’s going


well this has been awesome Larry I do

have to say before we we finish this I’m

looking at my pasty ass face over here

in upstate Western New York with a

blizzard outside right now buckling down

for that Nor’easter that’s about to come

in and you’re just tan and dark and man

I got to get out visit you guys a little

more often especially although here

don’t wait a couple weeks we’re about to

get more rain here so you know we’re

gonna probably get like an inch of rain

the next two days so oh my gosh I’m sure

they’ll be closing schools it’s a you

know it’s it’s a disaster out here when

you get

anything yeah well I would still I think

I would rather have that


this has been awesome great seeing you

and I will catch up with you soon take

care good talking thanks so much Andy

bye-bye bye now