Is your company struggling to connect all the great software applications that run your business? What you need is a centralized document management system with easy-to-configure integration buttons that can be embedded in other third-party applications. With a robust software integration, your team will be able to access documents from any program with just one click. While providing secure and consistent data, integrated systems will also ensure that your business grows into the future with ease. Here is a real-world success story of document management integration.

Talbot Marketing is one of Canada’s largest providers of promotional products, corporate apparel, and uniforms. Talbot helps its clients leverage their brand and market themselves to customers and employees with programs like safety, recognition, incentives, and product launches. Prior to implementing DocuWare, Talbot’s sales order process was managed using a manila envelope to collect all the documents relating to an order. Everything from the initial order, to artwork approval, to shipping and invoicing was added to this envelope, called a docket, and transferred from department to department.

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Vaccination and Testing Management made Easy with DocuWare