Sales Recruiting and ‘The WOW’ Moment

White Plains, NY., March 4, 2017/PRNewswire

Coco Training & Coaching services begin the same way… asking “How Can We Serve?”

After hearing from so many technology companies about the struggle to hire talented sales professionals and managers, we drilled down and launched an effective solution based upon Process and People. It is important to note our recruiting division today comprises hundreds of years of sales and technology experience.

Every week, we schedule ‘Discovery Calls’ with top management of technology companies small to large. Executives come both skeptical and intrigued. We learn more about their organization, their culture…areas of strength, challenges, obstacles.

Next, we share the plan…well-crafted tools sales teams need to attract high-quality candidates, create customizing ads, teach entire management teams high-level Questioning Technique, perform In-Depth interviews, provide candidate Evaluation Reports, Together, we install a Recruiting Process that promotes accountability, is seamless and inspiring. That’s when the ‘WOW Moment’ hits. Top management no longer hopes, now believes the future is bright.

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About Coco Training & Coaching

Coco Training & Coaching is a premier services company driving the growth of sales organizations.

Services Include:

A Higher Sale Playbook- A sales driven program for top management that provides sales companies with the right tools, processes, and skill sets that develop elite, high performance teams. It includes determining the health of the territory, pre-planning, on-site training coaching, and timely follow up.

Sales Recruiting- Coco Training has established a highly effective Recruiting Process inspiring professionals (Sales, IT, Management, Business Development) to want your job.

Sales Management Leadership Training– A continuous improvement system that reminds leaders of things we used to do and forgot, as well as new methodologies resulting in improved performance.

Sales Training– Winner of an International Best Practices Award. Participants will learn to move through a well-defined sales process. It’s about building Trust and Credibility leading to competitive differentiation. Focus on New Business Development, Activity, and Time Management.

Executive/Sales Coaching- Coco Training works side by side with sales leaders and teams to create clearer vision (strategic and tactical), manage more proactively through effective implementation.        914.588.5384

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