Electronic document management systems should simplify your business processes, increase your efficiency and enable you to locate a record at the touch of a button. Too often these systems create more headaches than they alleviate and make employees pine for the “good ole paper days”.

With DocManager from Muratec you have access to a simple, yet powerful cloud-based document management solution that will increase productivity, efficiency and compliance, while requiring minimal start-up investment and ongoing management.

  • Cloud-based solution eliminates capitol expenditures such as servers, back-up servers, racks, PC memory upgrades, power management appliances, cooling systems and more.
  • One less headache for IT. With our responsive support team at your beck and call your IT staff can focus on traditional IT tasks.
  • Customizable templates. With DocManager you have access to over 100 workflow templates to give you a head-start on building efficient processes.  Our professional services team can assist in the full customization of templates to create a tailored solution for your business.
  • Always up-to-date. Since DocManager resides in the cloud you’ll always have access to the latest templates, upgrades and enhancements, without having to wait for your IT staff or office manager to install it.
  • And your data is secure. Multiple security layers, both electronic and physical, have been implemented to keep your data secure, private and always available.

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