Print Security Podcast: Breaking the Rules with Rules

For all organizations, whether they are corporate enterprises or public sector service providers, protecting sensitive data against malicious data breaches and ensuring staff operate in a compliant manner are key priorities. As organizations, in response to the COVID workplace safety requirements, directed many of their previously office based staff to work remotely, this created additional data security and compliance issues for many IT security teams. One area that may have been overlooked, in the rush to implement support for staff remote working for the first time, is the print environment. Employees working in, for example, HR, accounts or customer support may be regularly accessing and printing documents containing confidential data on their unsecured and unmonitored home office printer. As this printing is taking place outside the secured and managed office network this could potentially breach regulatory compliance regulations and create a security risk.

In a recent podcast from Tigerpaw, Eric Crump, Director of Strategic Alliances at Ringdale, who was recently voted one of the MPS industry’s top 2021 influencers and is the Secretary on the executive committee of The Managed Print Services Association (MPSA), discusses print-based security and policy enforcement and what you need to do to ensure you’re keeping your customers safe when it comes to home office document printing.

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