Kyocera Unveils Moeye – The Car of the Future

Kyocera recently released a video showcaseing the Moeye concept car. Most of you following me know Kyocera for their printer manufacturing and business solutions. I don’t know if any of us realized Kyocera was working on projects like this.

Watch this video to see their next generation technology. Here’s a bit from their press release…

Kyocera Corporation has developed the Concept Car II “Moeye,” showcasing its unique technologies to optimize the driving experience by integrating the human senses of sight, sound, touch, and smell.

 “Moeye” Concept Car Overview
Anticipating continued advances in autonomous driving and Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Kyocera focused on the importance of the car’s interior space to develop a futuristic cockpit that offers fresh innovations in a completely original vehicle design.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

KYOCERA Unveils Concept Car II “Moeye”