Fiery Command WorkStation 6 – The most intuitive print job management interface

Manage print jobs faster, boost print production

Fiery Command WorkStation 6 gives production staff a powerful tool to prepare and manage jobs more efficiently for higher production throughput.

Smooth and quick transition process

  • Start producing more with version 6 right away
  • Keep your settings through the upgrade process
  • Get started fast with a welcome tour in under 5 minutes

More intuitive and easy to use

  • Offers a more engaging interaction that makes it even more intuitive for current and new users
  • Reduce learning curve with a clean user interface that is consistent with many modern applications
  • Visit Learning@EFIand access free on-demand learning resources including Express videos, Simulation learning and How-to guides to master the new features

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EFI Releases New Version of High-performance Fiery DFEs for Production Inkjet Systems